Giving Deed Poll UK a try !

Deed Poll UK will provide you with their fast and easy services to help you make your name changing process efficient. All you require to do is to simply follow a set of instructions given below :

  • Place an order online:

Click on ” Apply now” button which will redirect you to the check out secure payment page where you need to provide your personal details and payment details. Payment details include the type of method you would use for paying up for the order.  Once you click the “Order Deed Poll” button, they will send you the confirmation email provided if you have placed the order before 3 P.M on a working day.

  • Your Deed Poll will arrive by the post:

They will you the deed poll in the post along with the duplicate copies of documents you ordered plus a guidebook  on how to properly sign and witness it. Also, they will send you the list of organizations you should notify about changing your name.  You will get all these things within 2 days by top quality post provided your address is located in UK.

  • Sign and witness your deed poll:

After being received your documents, you should date, sign and have them witnessed according to the instructions mentioned under the title of “How to execute your Deed Poll”.  After that look under the heading of “List of bodies to notify”, from where you can decide on which bodies you should send the notification about the change in your name and request them that they should send you the updated documents such as driving license, passport, national identity card etc with your new proposed name.

All this process cost you nothing but a low price of £ 24.99. So try them out for quick service.